Neato (Botvac) vs Roomba-Which One Is the Best ?

Neato (Botvac) vs Roomba:The debate  on Neato vs Roomba has warmed up with the popularity of robotic vacuum cleaners that rise rapidly. Probably the two best brands on the market, I will judge them from head to head.

I almost start the start of robotic vacuum cleaners (starting with my Roomba 400 Series). I have owned both Roomba and Neato‘s and loved their models and struggled with others. For the original comparison series we have opposed the Roomba 770 versus Neato XV-21, but we also have updated “reviews” for the last series at the bottom.

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Giving a brief Details about the two companies …


The company behind the Roomba – iRobot – was originally created in the early 1990s with the creation of robotic solutions for the removal of bombs. Since then, the company has expanded into a wide range of both defense industry and domestic product offerings. Their robots range from robust military devices to automatic pool cleaners and vacuum cleaners. Here at All Home Robotics we follow the company’s domestic quotes.


Neato Robotics is a much smaller company than iRobot, but draws from the Silicon Valley expertise of technicians and engineers specially focused on robotic vacuum cleaners. Neato Robotics has released a number of generations of their best-selling Neato vacuum in 2010. What Neato Robotics lacks in size is the focus and technology implementation.

Neato vs Roomba

For the application of this comparison, we use the latest models of each line. While Neato Robotics has issued a “signature series” and “botvac series” since then, the latest best-selling version is still XV-21 and we’ll compare it to the 700 Series vacuum cleaners, still the best-selling series of iRobot.

Neato XV-21 vs Roomba 700 Series

In order to compare these two brands, we will break through the following categories: Design, Cleaning Technology, Charging, Maintenance, Accessories and Price.



Neato vs Roomba Design

Both the Neato and the Roomba are proud of a sleek modern design. It’s just about the territory if you’re a vacuum cleaner. What really matters is the functionality of the design. Here is where the two vacuum cleaners contrast.

Both robots have about the same size, a sensitive touch pad around the front and two steering wheels on the lower abdomen. However, there are some important distinctions between the two devices.

Neato: The Neato XV-21 has a square front with a rounded back (see pictures above). This helps to make corners more effective and put this small device apart from its competitors. In terms of the “curb appeal”, the Neato seems to be built with some cheaper plastic; While the Roomba has a more industrial finish shade. In short, the Neato is the largest leading dust compartment for robotic vacuum cleaners.

The Neato is about 4 centimeters long, which can fall under a bit of low-hanging furniture.

Roomba: One of the complaints about the Roomba is that the circular design offers less curvature than the Neato. Nevertheless, the Roomba has a sleek modern design with a relatively small footprint. The exterior finish comes in two gray tones, which softens visible scratches against the device.iRobot Roomba 770 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

One of the biggest drawbacks for the Roomba 700 and 800 series is the significantly quieter engine and relatively advanced touchscreen controls. This is exactly the point the Roomba becomes more distinctive tech.

One of the advantages of the Roomba circular design is that it can change directions to a dime, while the Neato has to change to the front (a light time heater).

Another small bonus is that the Roomba has a height of 3 which can only get 3 centimeters including varieties of furniture other than the Neato.

Winner? It is quite close. But in this category, the Neato has a functional design. While the fast direction changes with the circular Roomba design and the low clearance is good, the lack of dusty corners of Neato’s horizontal backside is more convenient. If you have to go back with the vacuum cleaner to get the corners, it will take time and effort. Similarly, a larger trash can simply mean less work for you. One point Neato.

Neato vs Roomba Cleaning Technology

This is the most important test of a robotic vacuum. How well does the technology work? Behind all frills, this is the ultimate test of a good device. Fortunately, both the Neato and Roomba are the market leaders when it comes to the latest technology. Unfortunately, this also makes it difficult to compare them.

Neato: The Neato has the best suction power of any robot-like vacuum on the market. Including the Roomba. With this powerful suction power, Neato plays a role as a market leader. The rotating silicone brush also means less cleaning for the user. The set-up, pet lighter, dander and dust do not easily close the cleaning mechanism.

Video for Neato D80 Cleaning Technology

Perhaps the only drawback of Neato cleaning technology is the noise it makes. It is significantly louder than the Roomba and similar machines.

Roomba: Although the Roomba does not have the suicide of the Neato, it tries to make it in different ways. If the Neato has the best suction, the Roomba is a second second. The Persistent Passing technology provides the less powerful suction power, using the traditional vacuum cleaner (and vacuum cleaner) method by moving over repeated parts to make sure they are cleaned. Update: The new Roomba 800 series takes some good steps with the new AeroForce patented cleaning system. It’s about 50% better to get debris than the 700 Series models. Although we have not been able to prove this, we have seen a noticeable improvement.

While the Roomba in many ways yields the Neato’s power suction benefit, the Neato still wins this category, especially when revealing the newer models. Of course, this is a subject with much discussion and it can easily change with the upcoming models. For the time being, suction power counts. One point Neato.

Video for Roomba 860 Cleaning Technology

The video below tests some of the Roomba 860 ​features: including the scheduling feature, negotiating tricky obstacles such as chair legs and coping with different flooring types.

Neato vs Roomba Scheduling Feature

This may not be the first feature that comes into mind when considering a robotic vacuum. From a long-term user’s perspective (Yours Truly), it has become one of the most important specifications I’m looking at. Not all home robots have automatic scheduling. Fortunately, both the Neato and Roomba have the ability to do automatic planning, but they are not at all equal to the task.

Neato: The Neato offers a bad 15 minute interval presets. Meaning that you can set it at 12:00, 12:15, 12:30, 12:45, 1:00. This is probably enough for most users; However, compared to the Roomba, it seems an unnecessary restriction.

Roomba: The Roomba offers you complete freedom to schedule how often you want. Therefore, Roomba draws this category. One point Roomba.

Neato vs Roomba Charging / battery life

As with any other remote control, the battery life can cause or break another good installation. Similarly, robot vacuum cleaners with a longer battery life are of course more desirable if all other things are equal.

Neato: The Neato can automatically find its power “dock”, which in theory means that owners should not worry about charging their device. Navigating to the dock is, however, a skill of itself. The Neato can get stuck when it tries to navigate to the dock, which can be a big discomfort. When it finds the dock, the process is actually faster than the Roomba (but this can be little comfort if your Neato is often stuck). During my tests, I received my Neato for almost 70 minutes on a load.

Roomba: Although the Roomba takes longer to dock itself, it has much better path-finding ability. The Roomba will always find its docks because it uses a “virtual lighthouse” that constantly communicates with the Roomba to solve the problem and find the best path. This creates peace of mind, which is a nice bonus. Finally, I was about to get a load of almost 4 hours. It is clear that the Roomba has the edge here. One point Roomba.

 Neato vs Roomba Maintenance

The maintenance of a robot-like vacuum must be optimal. A device that’s clever enough to clean your house needs to be smart enough to take care of yourself, right?

Neato: The larger trash can on the Neato immediately gives a head start in the Roomba vs Neato head-to-head test. However, the Neato is particularly problematic when the capacity is reached. It will continue to spread dark stripes around your carpet. This is counterproductive to say the least. Curiously, the larger bowl does not mean you have to leak it less often. In my experience, you need to empty it once a week (average).

Another problem with the Neato is that you probably need to clean the sensors every 8-10 applications because they can be blocked by dust particles.
Roomba: The new AreoVac garbage bin on the 700 series is actually not too foolish. With regular daily use, you probably do not need to clean the bowl more than once a week … even with the smaller bowl. This is probably due to superior technology; However, the explanation is far from clear.

With the Virtual Lighthouse, you never have to touch your Roomba (except to change the bin). Both the Lighthouse and the Roomba are automatically enabled in the schedule you have set.

Base on the technology and quality control – the Roomba is basically more reliable as commpared to the Neato. The Neato is not a chomp, but just can not follow the Roomba in this area.

Neato vs Roomba Replacement Parts

Fortunately, both the Neato and Roomba have a fair selection of replacement brushes, batteries and filters (and more) to choose from. Whether due to market share or other reason, iRobot has the widest range of replacement parts. For example, there are almost literally dozens of replacement batteries to choose from. You can even find selections that are better than the standard batteries that are shipped with a new Roomba.

One point for  Roomba.

Neato vs Roomba Accessories

Both the Neato and the Roomba come standard with a few similar accessories. Namely, they both come with a pet and the various user guides to familiarize yourself with your device.

Neato: The Neato comes with magnetic marker strips to define the no-go zones in your home. The neato is also standard with two replacement brushes.

Roomba: This basically comes standard with virtual wall. It gives an invisible radius that tells Roomba to not clean certain areas (you can order additional Virtual Walls if you need them). The beam can cover up to fourteen feet of open space. Fortunately, the car kit can start automatically when the Roomba starts, so you can keep them in place.

The Roomba also comes standard with three replacement filters. The Virtual Wall only makes the Roomba the clear favorite. One point Roomba.

Neato vs Roomba Prices

Let’s not hit the woods Price is often the determining factor.

Neato: The Neato XV-21 returns for $ 429. However, you can save 25% by ordering through this offeron Amazon. That brings the tag price to about $ 320 with free shipping included. The high end Neato “Botvac” 85 canbe offered here for around $ 599.

Roomba: The Roomba 760, 770, 780 and 790 are gradually scaled up with slightly better features. The last 790 can sell up to $ 600, which is the most expensive price tag. The 780 usually goes for about $ 500-600, but you can find it for $ 500 on Amazon. The lower base model 760 can he have for Amazon even. More recently, Roomba has introduced the 800 series, which makes a number of improvements, including a noticeably more powerful cleaning suction technology. You can now find the Roomba 880 on Amazon, as it’s hard to find.

The Neato is the clear winner Here. If you’re on a budget but are desperate for a good robot-like vacuum, it’s a safe bet. One point Neato.

Neato vs.Roomba My Final Conclusion

I will say that, the Roomba is a better device when comparing head to head. It is close, but the Roomba wins the head-to-head equation 4-3.

To get a good sense of the most important features of all Robotic Vacuum Cleaners currently on the market, you can view this comparison review and chart here.

Roomba 800 Series vs Botvac

With the release of the next generation of robots vacuum cleaners from both companies, I decided to write a little of these series .

Roomba 880 vs Neato Botvac

Both the Roomba 880 and 870 have some beautiful improvements in the 700 series. Although none of the improvements were groundbreaking or game-changing, they were sure enough to upgrade me to the Roomba 880. To begin with, it’s up to 5x more effective to rub debris than the 700-series vacuums .

The Neato Botvac Series also has improvements. Namely, a 50 percent bigger brush, a larger garbage bin and an improved filter. Overall, the improvements are not as impressive as the Roomba 800 series. I think the release of the Botvac series was more about a rebranding effort. Nevertheless, the improvements are good and core technology is still very similar to the Roomba. If you save a few hundred dollars on a Botvac vs Roomba, it’s probably worth it.
The marker strips are okay, but not as “sexy” as what the Roomba can offer (below).

Bottom line: The improvements in both new generations do not fundamentally change my evaluation. You still give Roomba the slight edge.

You can read our head to head comparison of the Botvac 80 vs Roomba 880 here.


New Botvac”D”Series and Roomba 880 Pricing

Neato released their Botvac “D” series shortly after re-branding to “Botvac” from just “Neato” in a relatively surprising move. At first I though this was just another gimmick to drive sales with a new release. While some of this is certain, there are some noteworthy improvements.Neato Botvac D80 Robot Vacuum for Pets and Allergies

The Botvac D80 that I tested featured a sleek design, but I was more interested in the inner workings. The main improvements? 1) Better suction power and 2) a revamped main brush. With the plain Botvac series, the vacuum featured a non-sealed bearing at the end of the brush. This led to frequent problems with hair (pet and human) getting tangled and jamming the device. The new mechanism is a simple brass bearing which has alleviated this problem. The additional suction power and better brush ARE a improvement, but not necessarily a game changer. When compared to the Roomba 880, it’s a lot closer now.

Roomba Pricing Adjustment: While Roomba has been quiet on a new series release, they have just recently dropped the price on the top line Roomba 880 by about $ 100 (see here for details). This is likely to prepare consumers for the holiday season, which probably does not have a new Roomba. A price reduction is appreciated, however. My main gripe with the Roomba 880 to this point had been the cost. Now it’s a bit more competing with Botvac and others.

 A New “Connected” Roomba 980

For Irobot 980 reviews, Roomba released their new flagship Roomba 980! It has a WiFi enabled device that can be controlled from an external web app? So, now I can press “clean”, monitor the battery / dust bin, etc … from work. This is the next evolution in home robotics. Rumor has it that other brands will be moving in this direction soon as well (see Neato press release here). Still, the Roomba 980 is the first to market with this feature.iRobot Roomba 980 Wi-Fi Connected Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Works with Amazon Alexa

It also boasts a stronger, longer lasting battery (good for up to 2 hours), recharge and resume (automatic), a better navigation system (VSLAM), and better suction power especially for carpets. You can read my full Roomba 980 review  here .

The Main Downside? As always, PRICE. It’s a $ 900 investment right now (available exclusively here). In my estimation, it’s the best Roomba yet. Until the competition catches up (the Dyson Eye and New Connected Neato Botvac), the 980 is the best in class.

A New “Connected” Neato!

It did not take long for Neato to release their own WiFi enabled robot. Like the Roomba 980, it offers an app to schedule, monitor, and start / stop remotely, as long as you have a WiFi connection. You can read my full review of Botvac Connected right here.Neato Botvac Connected Wi-Fi Enabled Robot Vacuum

Here’s a quick summary ...

Other notable improvements are the “eco mode” and “turbo mode” which can either extend the battery life or clean a specific area more quickly and thoroughly (2x). Other benefits include the ability to operate in the dark (not using an on-board camera), although this has some limitations on the mapping page. The new Botvac claims to clean “up to 50% more” than competitors, but I have been unable to verify this in many tests.

Bottom line: The Botvac is still better at action corners than the Roomba, mainly due to its “D” shaped design. It’s also uses the same methodical approach to cleaning and mapping. In other words, it’s not bumping around – seemingly – randomly like the Roomba’s. Most importantly: It’s about $ 200 cheaper than the Roomba 980 (check this price listing here for live data).

Where to Buy  and Neato vs Roomba

It can be incredibly difficult to find Neato or Roomba models in stores. Of you go with the Neato or Roomba, you will find the best prices online. I have purchased both my Neato XV-21 and my Roomba 770 and 880 online. You can find almost all of the latest Roomba versions (and a number of 600 and 500 series) to Amazon for a great price. Similarly, you can find Neato Signature Pro for a reasonable price. Fortunately, both can qualify for free shipping.

iRobot Roomba 620 Review–The Most Economical of All!

iRobot Roomba 620 Review:Spending time on household tasks is a great way to get more freedom. Coming home to a clean house thanks to your Roomba 620 is one of the products that can help you save time. Vacuum is an important part of preserving a home. It’s also a way to remove dust, debris and allergens that you can not see.iRobot robot vacuum cleaner Roomba 620

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1 lead of the Roomba 620
2 disadvantages to consider
3 main features worth mentioning
3.1 Dust tray
3.2 Charging
3.3 Sucking
3.4 Costs
3.5 Warranty
4 alternatives to consider
5 Overall – Final Tasks

Pros of the Roomba 620 Review

The round design is very attractive, and it’s not very long. This makes it easy for the device to easily go under the furniture. Make sure a round robot vacuum does not get the job? Do not be as it is with brushing that flicker and come under the counters and around the edges. The overall design of the Roomba 620 is very advanced.

Better design than 500 Series: The overall design is superior to the previous Roomba models. The company listened to feedback from their customers. As a result, it works better than what you’ve experienced in the past with the Roomba products. This company just keeps ahead, and they never count on what they offer.
Improve Chest Design: The brush design is an upgrade of previous models. There are pieces of brushes that have different lengths. This helps reduce the risk of elements remaining during cleaning. The Roomba 620 has a 3-step cleaning process that is efficient and fast.

Better battery life: The battery life is very long, and you can clean your entire house and do not worry about the charge. This is important because you do not want to come home to find out that the battery has died halfway through the cleaning process and you enter a company.

Cleans multiple floor types: You can count on the Roomba 620 to clean all types of floors, including hardwood, tile, linoleum and carpet. It can change from a kind of floor in a room from your home to another without your intervention. This robotic vacuum is also very quiet so you can have it operational while you sleep, watch TV, talk to phone or other activities you bring home.

Pet Friendly: If you have pets, you definitely need a product that can handle the pet hair without hiding in the system or the filter. The Roomba 620 was specially designed to pick up pet hair so it’s not a problem.

Disadvantages  Roomba 620 Review

Not particularly lightweight: The total weight of the Roomba 620 is 11.6 lbs. For most people, that is not a problem. For some individuals, however, it is often too much for them to work together during the first phase of the setup. It is important to consider the weight before you buy. Of course, it may be possible to ask someone to set it up for you.

What is used to be: While it is possible to adjust the properties of this robot-like vacuum, it may take some time to find out everything. The user manual provides a step by step procedure that allows you to program the program for the cleaning you want at the desired times. If you have any problems, call a live customer service representative for further assistance.

Filters are an additional (and regular) cost: the filter must be replaced every 3 or 4 months. Some customers can change it every 6 months. It is a good idea to keep those filters handy, so you can change the changes in the cleaning pattern of the device immediately. However, these filters are not pricey and they are easy to exchange on the Roomba 620.

Key features  of iRobot Roomba 620

Dust tray
The bin is bigger on this Roomba model than others, and that means you read less. If you have a large house or pets then this is a welcome addition. The product has a long battery life, but it is still recommended to buy a second as a backup. You never know when you need it.

The Roomba 620 comes with docking stations.The docking station does not take up much space. You can place it anywhere that suits you.

The Roomba 620 offers suction power significantly better than the 500 Series models. This means that more dust, dirt, debris and hair are collected than you could imagine. It also reduces the number of times the device needs to go over a certain area to do the job.

The price tag at the Roomba 620 is about $ 300. That’s a bit more than previous models, but the upgrade is worth it. The costs are comparable to several other brands of robot vacuum cleaners that do not work well. More importantly, as an older generation model, the cost has fallen considerably. The most recent Model Roomba typically runs around $ 700. You can find the Roomba 620 for a stable price at this list for less than $ 300

There is a 1 year warranty offered at the Roomba 620. Many consumers wish it was longer for the cost of this product. However, Roomba is known to be high quality. Many consumers out there have a 500 series and have used it for years without any problems. It is unlikely that there will be major problems with this newer model. Should they occur, please contact their customer service immediately.

iRobot Roomba 620 Alternatives

I always want to analyze the competition before I make a final decision. The following are a number of close competitors who are worth checking out.

Roomba 860:

iRobot recently released the 860 as a newer option for budget conscious customers. Like the 620, it does not come with all the accessories, so you can save money and buy when you go (and as you need). You can view my full Roomba 860 review here. Although the $ 860 is more expensive, it has a number of additional features worth considering:

Tangle Free Extractors: These are new to the 800 series and prevent the occurrence of tangles from occurring. This is especially useful for pet owners (pet hair is a frequent malicious person) and worth the upgrade to appreciate.

3-stage Cleaning System: This was a serious upgrade of the 600 series. The patented 3-stage system is about 50% more effective in removing debris.

Better navigation: In short, the 860 is smarter to navigate your home than the 620. This means less random bumping around (and waiting to handle obstacles) and a more efficient cleaning route.

Lithium-ion battery: The standard battery pack with the 860 is much more durable than the 600 series. My 600 series of vacuum needs new batteries every 6-12 months, while the lithium batteries need to get at least 12-24 months. Ultimately, this is a cost-saving mechansim.
You can view the latest pricing on this list, where there are often additional offers.

iRobot Roomba 620 Review Overall Verdict

The Roomba 620 is worth the investment. This is a proven device that provides your cleaning needs on all types of floors. It is quiet, efficient and powerful. You do not have to vacuum your time again! It does not take long to clear the bin and the filter is also a breeze. Especially if you’re on a budget, this is a solid investment.

irobot Roomba 760 Review–Is this the Most Affordable Robotic Vacuum?

Irobot Roomba 760 Review:If cleaning is not exactly one of your favorite tasks, the irobot Roomba 760 can be just the perfect roommate for you. With so many Roomba models to choose from, it can be quite confusing to determine which one suits your specific cleaning requirements.iRobot Roomba 760 Vacuum Cleaning Robot for Pets and Allergies

In this Roomba 760 review, we analyze some of the key features and pros and cons. Let’s see what the Roomba 760 can offer.

IRobot’s Roomba 760 is a new vacuum cleaner and one of the latest models from the growing line of innovative household products. If you consider buying one, it would be beneficial to inspect its properties and how it is against the other Roomba models. This helps you determine if it’s really more of a novelty or a home cleaning necessary. After all, these vacuum cleaner robots are not exactly cheap.

The Roomba 760 is similar to the 770 in size and features offered. The big difference is that the 760 does not contain a full bin indicator. If you do not mind that you do not have this specific feature, you can save the $ 50 difference between the two models. The 700 Series iRobot Roomba’s feature the same brush and engine as well as the same cleaning capacity.

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1 Key Features of the iRobot Roomba 760
1.1 Cleaning ability
1.2 How to use irobot Roomba760
2 customer service and warranty
3 final statement

Key Features of the iRobot Roomba 760

Equipped with iAdapt Responsive Cleaning Technology
Features AeroVac Series 2-Bin
Can remove up to 98% of pet hair, dirt and dust
Comes with dual HEPA type air filtration
Back and forth cleaning pattern
Built with a polymer bumper
On board plans
Weighs about 13.2 lbs.

irobot Roomba 760 Cleanling Power

The iRobot Roomba 760 is specially designed to provide optimal cleaning capacity that can easily be customized to any home environment. It is equipped with a double HEPA filter that combines all the dust and allergens that come into contact with an effective drop. In fact, the filter is even able to capture even the smallest particles, which can capture 98% of pet hair, allergens and particles.

Bald floors. Like its predecessor, the Roomba 760 works best on bare surfaces, thus retrieving dustbunners and pet hair around the room with impressive efficiency. However, while the Roomba 760 can accommodate loose dirt particles, it is not able to suck dirt if it is actually on the floor.

Cleaning carpet. The Roomba 760 provides a fairly decent job cleaning of most carpet surfaces. However, you can not expect it to be so effective on thick carpet as it does not have the deep cleaning capability you can expect from a full-sized fabric.

Carpets. The Roomba 760 generally has no problems moving from floors to carpets as long as they are not too thick. Vacuum low to medium thickness carpets will not be a problem, be careful not to hold any brushes so they do not stuck or chew through the robot.

Removing pets. As mentioned earlier, one of the major features of the Roomba 760 is the two motorized brushes and a side brush that can efficiently pick up the pet hair. This explains why the Roomba 760 is very popular among pet owners. However, it is important to point out that in the maintenance cycle you must remove hair cords wrapped around the brushes. If your pet has short hair, do not do this often.

How to Use irobot Roomba 760

One of the main selling points emphasized by iRobot is the convenience of the Roomba 760. Just pressing the “clean” button and running it on its own. It comes with the ability to detect the dirtiest area in the room and the intelligent technology will immediately walk through the Roomba to make it thoroughly cleaned.

With the polymer bumper, the vacuum cleaner can smoothly maneuver around furniture and fixtures without causing damage or scratches. Of course, it’s still the best to remove the floor of toys and other obstacles to ensure maximum cleaning efficiency. In addition, you have the option to program the Roomba 760 to clean different schedules during the week and even specify the time. This means that you can still do the cleaning even when you’re not home.

Intelligent Cleaning
The Roomba 760 has tech device which automatically search for certain parts of the house that are usually skipped by conventional vacuum cleaners. This includes under the furniture and cabinets and other hard-to-reach areas that can not clean ordinary straight vacuum cleaners.

It is also designed to focus on places with more dirt and stains, ensuring a thorough cleaning process and tracking back and forth. The loose particles are drawn and stored in the AeroVac bin inside the device. With the distributed air collection system, it optimizes the effectiveness of the vacuum, especially when absorbing hair and dirt.

irobot Roomba760 Navigation

Like the rest of the Roomba 700 series, the 760 comes with iAdapt technology. Aside from searching for dirt, it has the ability to make 60 decisions per second, although it seems like it moves in any motion. If you use it longer, it becomes more efficient, as it slowly teaches the layout of your home and the shape of your rooms.

This technology takes into account the fact that each home is different. With its multiple sensors it can adapt to your unique home environment. The acoustic sensors in particular are designed to detect even the smallest particles and apply the cleaning effort to the darkest areas of the room.

Like other robot vacuums on the market today, you need to do your part in wiping loose wires, scattered paper, toys and trash cans, as this is a roadblock that blocks efficiency and cleaning.

Running Duration for irobot Roomba760

The Roomba 760 has an average duration of 90 minutes, after which you charge this 3 hours. It comes with a rechargeable battery and a self-charged home base. The kit also includes a virtual wall that seals the rooms of the house, of which you do not want to clean the Roomba 760. The virtual wall requires 2 C batteries, which are not included. The remote also requires 2 AA batteries, which are not included in the kit.

Customer service and warranty

The irobot Roomba 760 comes with a one-year limited warranty and a 6 month battery warranty. The manufacturer, iRobot, replaces any defective product as long as a factory error has been established and is not caused by abuse or neglect.

irobot Roomba 760 Pros

  • Can record 98% dirt, pet hair and particles
  • Can be scheduled to work even without your presence
  • Equipped with a sensor to navigate around and avoid objects
  • Roomba 760 is sold $ 50 cheaper than other Roomba 700 Series models
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Equipped with 1 virtual wall

irobot Roomba 760 Cons

  • Filters tend to hide easily, so you have to change them so often
  • It tends to touch the floor with cables and ropes
  • Despite the fact that it is cheaper than the other Roomba models, a significant investment is still needed
  • It is not possible to clean the carpets deep
  • HEPA filters should be replaced after 2 to 3 months
  • Brushes require regular cleaning
  • Not supplied with a printed manual

Irobot Roomba 760 alternatives to consider

The Roomba 760 is not the only robot vacuum out there. It’s a very capable robot, but here are some Roomba 760 alternatives to consider:

Roomba 880:

What’s the big difference? Check out my full comparison of the 870 vs 880. Basically, it comes with accessories. The 880 comes with two virtual lighthouses (better for larger homes) and a remote control (you do not have to bend, you can check your coach). It’s a bit more expensive, but checkout this offer for the latest prices. Depending on the available offers, the mike is useful.

Botvac D80:

Neato is the most important alternative brand that competes with iRobot. Their newer “Botvac” series comes together with the Roomba 800 series. You can read my full review of the Botvac D80 here. What do you like? Well, D-shaped design is a bit better when dealing with difficult corners (in my experience) than standard Roomba designs. While the Roomba 870 has a side brush, the Botvac design is a bit more promotional bends. Neato also has a more “organized” cleaning pattern. Both result in the same end result: a clean house. However, if you clean your robot, an organized pattern can be reassuring to look. Check out the latest prices.

Roomba 980:

Looking for the latest in automated cleaning? The Roomba 980 has it all. With the innovative new “app” control, you can remotely control,stop / start and plan your Roomba from a wireless wireless network. This is ideal when you are at work or otherwise outside the home, and you still want to check your device. New features also include a carpet boost turbocharged cleaning system, new VSLAM mapping technology, and longer battery life. Checkout my Roomba 980 review here.

My irobot Roomba 760 Final Review

Overall, the Roomba 760 offers a big investment and a more practical choice compared to the Roomba 770, which explains why it’s more popular. This is especially ideal for homes with pets and children because it eliminates dirt and allergens that can cause health hazards.

Perhaps one of the most impressive features of the Roomba 760 is its versatility. It’s easy to transition from carpets to hardwood floors and tiles, which means you can easily set up to do his job without any supervision.

Compared to other Roomba generations, the 760 comes with extended life management, which can help solve battery life up to 50% longer. With good use, you can make sure that you use it for hundreds of cleaning cycles.

Given that it is a cheaper option than the 770 and offers the same power and efficiency, it is clearly understandable why it is widely chosen by many check my full  Roomba 770 review. In different locations, the Roomba 760 is rated at 4.5 / 5 stars, which is quite impressive and usually shows high levels of satisfaction among users. You will find the Roomba 760 for the best price at this offer.

iRobot Roomba 790 Review-Does it worth it?

iRobot Roomba 790 Review:If you are in the market for a robot vacuum, you may have come to the Roomba 790. The problem is that there are a lot of robot pistons with different model numbers. It’s hard to tell the difference between them.iRobot Roomba 790 Vacuum Cleaning Robot for Pets and Allergies

This review will interrupt the 790 key features and pros and cons to help you decide.

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1 What do we rate the iRobot Roomba 790?
2 Key Features of the Roomba 790
2.1 does it really work?
3 How is it similar to the competition?
4 Conclusion – Worth?

What do we rate the iRobot Roomba 790?

The  Roomba 790 is the top model of the popular 700 Series Roomba’s. It takes its place in a fairly long line of iRobot robotic vacuum cleaners. With the introduction of the new 800 Series, there is now a good window to get a 790 at a decent price. Roomba’s can be pricey, so getting last seasons ‘loaded’ model at a lower price can be a great value.

It has an impressive line which  can not be simpler. It is designed to swing, vacuum and clean around your house, on a number of very different floor surfaces. In short, it’s a full-service hands-free (mainly) device that’s well on your way to making your old sincere vacuum outdated.

In this Roomba 790 review we will look at what this machine types and whether it’s the most consumer prices.

Key Features of the iRobot Roomba 790

The first thing you notice is that you may need to do some research if you are considering buying one of these devices, as a standard purchase differs slightly depending on the supplier.

It is worth keeping in mind that some online pictures and videos show the Roomba 790 trundle with attached accessories. Some accessories may be optional extras.

What you should expect in iRobot Roomba 790:

Unique shape: What some people described as the most important “flying dish” shaped unit;
User-friendliness: A touchpad control, which can be used to give the robot directions if necessary;
Upgrade Cleaning Technology: An advanced cleaning head, which is a major improvement according to the previous models, leading to the 98% removal of dirt and hair from surfaces;
State-of-the-art sensors: Optical and acoustic sensors – to enable the more extensive identification of dirt and dust particles;
Dual Capabilities: Multi-floor options – handling both carpets and hard floors;
Advanced filter: Remove enhanced filters from dust and pollen particles from the sky – up to 0.3micron, which is impressive.
Low Impact Bumpers: Especially softens bumpers to prevent damage and scratches on furniture and other surfaces where the robot comes into contact with;
Thorough cleansing: What is called persistent throughput cleaning – in other words, the robot will feel when there is something dirty and passes a few times until it gets an acceptable result;
Hands Free Usage: There is really no need to touch Roomba once you have a good routine and the route is set. The docking station that automatically returns the robot when it is necessary to charge the battery. However, it is still important to do a few “test runs” to make the device lower to the ground furniture and to create various household obstacles.
Clear Interface: An automatic bin full indicator – basically let you know that it has to be emptied!

Does the iRobot Roomba 790 really work?

To a certain extent, reviews of domestic robots are extremely difficult, and this also applies to any Roomba 790 review. That’s because they are what they are designed to make visible, quite simple.

It is possible to access virtually free access to all areas, but you can also use what sometimes called portable lighthouses that effectively turn off an invisible screen to tell the little fella either to not enter or restrict a room to a A certain area of ??the one in which it is.

Does the Roomba 790  do all?

Well, it does! Each of iRobot’s products in this family has been significantly improved with what had been before, with the top-of-the-range 790 absolutely no exception.

To begin with, it can be a little confusing to manage something effectively where it’s fun and cleaning in all those odd corners and hidden edges of a room you’d rather forget. You will get used to.

Cut to the pursuit, it does virtually what it says that on the box and in its entirety it does very well.

iRobot Roomba 790 Pros:

Good design: Beautiful ergonomic design and what looks like a good robust construction;
Good suction: a surprisingly good basic vacuum. It takes up pet hair and dust, with the result after cleaning is very different and better than it was before your robot ran around the surface;
Smart Navigation: It’s mobile and overcomes obstacles. It’s about changing floors, say between hard and floor coverings and becomes much less common than you could imagine. It will even go over or about obstacles, but of course it does not expect him to climb stairs;
Covers well: Unlike some previous models, the more advanced technology makes it possible to get along the edges and in many, or perhaps not all the awkward corners.
Good sensors: Not too many bits are ‘missed’;
Great value: As mentioned earlier – with the 800 series prices have been reduced for this higher end, but older model.
Actually Hands Free: It’s really possible to forget about everything and just keep on doing it!

iRobot Roomba 790 Disadvantages:

Price: Yes, prices may differ widely depending on where you shop, but you should think about $ 500- $ 650 for your new robot friend. I’ve been successful in finding these offers here.
Can not fully measure the true vacuum: Truth to tell, just like the basic cleaning, it is still not very similar to some of the conventional vacuum cleaners. If you drive one of those floors that was previously cleaned by the 790, there is a good chance that you will find that you have picked up some dust and hair. This can lead to the conclusion that this is a subsidiary and not just a vacuum cleaner – and many can be seen as an expensive luxury;
Not the latest: If it’s important that you have the latest gadgets, the Roomba 790 misses some small upgrades that have the 800 Series.
A bit noisy, still quieter than many, it is still a bit noisy for some ears.

How is the iRobot Roomba 790 similar to the competition?

It’s never really easy to compare some robot cleaners, because you want the controlled environments that are usually connected to a lab, rather than a modest sitting room.

However, it is possible to make some general comments about the 790 compared to some of its major competitors, such as the UK assortment, Samsung and Mint.

First of all, it seems that it is technically refined at the top. Now some techno heads can find obscure points to debate with it, but the 790’s two-sensors and other innovations make it smart, but you want to define that.

Okay, there are some new models in Japan that apparently have built-in speech recognition (if you can talk to your vacuum cleaner), but they are still largely novelties. The 790 and perhaps UK now lead the technology package.

Secondly, it comes from an established stable, which suggests expertise and fits well. IRobot has to do something good and you get a good insight that if you give the 790 a spin. On the other hand, some robots come on, make a first impact and are never seen or heard – and in some cases their makers are not.

As the consumer’s trust in the manufacturer and warranty is important, this track record is quite a bit.

Thirdly, with this a little negative, it is also for many of the area in terms of pricing – and not positive from the consumer’s point of view. If you are price conscious or less discreet, a little bit for cash, there are many more attractive priced models around which could damage the commercial outlook of the 790.

Most of the competition on this prize point comes from other Roomba’s or Botvac’s. In particular, these two are:

Roomba 860:

What’s the difference? Well, the 860 features updated (more effective) cleaning technology. It comes closer to a true sincere vacuum replacement. What you sacrifice are all the small accessories that come with the 790, but – to be honest – you can add them later if you need them. The Roomba 790 is also much more difficult to find in the store or online. If you can find it, it is generally quite expensive. The Roomba 860 is a great mid-range price (check my full Roomba 860 review here). Although it is not the last 900 series, it offers significant improvements in the 700 series.

iRobot Roomba 790 Final Conclusion

There is no doubt that this is a very smart box. It also works well – and that’s not something that could be said of some previous robots and maybe not all cheap models today.

For the serious robot-oriented with a healthy disposable income, this will be a very popular model.

For those with budgets in their minds, some of iRobot’s competitor at low cost or some of the subjects of the cheaper competitors may be very tempting. Hopefully, this Roomba 790 review helped provide some context and useful information for viewers. Feel free to respond at the bottom of the page if you want to share questions or concerns or user experiences.

The 790 is essentially stopped by iRobot. It is getting harder, even online. I would recommend checking our page on the top Roomba models here to find a cost-effective alternative.

Where to get the Roomba 790

You can find some of the best prices of Roomba 790 Here for this model on  Amazon page. This is the lowest price we have found online and is a discount on what you can expect to sell for the retail price in the store.

Roomba 960 Review –The Best WiFi Connected Robot

Roomba 960 Review:People where really excited when Roomba 960 vacuum cleaner came out. But some people were beaten off at the $ 900 price tag. For people who held off the costly Roomba 980, the good news is that the Roomba 960 is here for a lot lesser price.

So is the Roomba 960 is the perfect choice for your vacuuming needs?

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1 My Pick on the Roomba 960
2 A better, more efficient cleaning
3 The iRobot Home App
4 Roomba 960 App Scheduling
5 Alternatives to the Roomba 960
6 What would make the Roomba 960 better?
7 The Final Review
8 Where to Buy the Roomba 960

My Pick on the Roomba 960

The Roomba 960 takes the same shape as the earlier Roombas: round in shape with two main rotating brushes and one side brush. It also features a: removable dust bin and a CLEAN button that is hard to miss. If you buy Roomba 960, you also get the Home Base Charging Station, a line mode, a dual-mode Virtual Wall Barrier, a pair of AA batteries, an additional filter, and additional side brush

For one, it has the cliff detection sensors that prevent the unit from falling off the stairs. There are also the optical and acoustic sensors that help the robot vacuum cleaner find the dirtiest parts of your floor and focus on cleaning in these areas. This means that Roomba 960 stays longer in places that require more attention and make sure you have a cleaner floor.iRobot Roomba 960 Wi-Fi Connected Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Works with Amazon Alexa

The Roomba 960 also makes use of the iAdapt Navigation with Visual Localization, which helps the vacuum cleaner know exactly which area it is in the room. Unlike earlier Roombas, such as the 800 series, the 960 no longer cleans randomly.

Roomba 960 cleaning pattern

What’s more, the Roomba 960 can clean for 75 minutes on a single load and can also work in multiple rooms. After that, it automatically goes back to its charging station. And once recharged, it will resume vacuuming!

A better, more efficient cleaning
The Roomba 960 claims that it has 50% better cleaning performance compared to the 600-series Roombas because of its AeroForce 3-Stage Cleaning System, which features debris extractors, as well as its Gen 2 engine, which increases the cleaning efficiency without the hassles Of Maintaining it too much. You also get five times the air with this particular engine.

Roomba 960 clean
S that helps clean dirt off any type of floor. Like earlier Roombas, the 960 can also be clean under chairs and sofas because of its lower height. Plus, its side brush can take care of dirt and dust that gather at the wall corners.iRobot Roomba 960 Wi-Fi Connected Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Works with Amazon Alexa

And with the AeroForce high-efficiency filter, the Roomba 960 can trap very small particles. Allergens, particles, and pollen as small as 10 microns are easily trapped in the filter.

The iRobot Home App

Connectivity is one of the unique features that you would love on the 960. This particular model comes with the iRobot Home App, which is available on both the iOS and Android app markets. Set up this app is very straightforward and simple.

Once downloaded, plug in the charging station and dock your Roomba 960. Fire up the app and follow the onscreen instructions that will take you through the process of connecting your 960 to yprocess of connecting your 960 to your Wi-Fi network. The setup should take no longer than five minutes!

Just enter your Wi-Fi network name and network key, then press and hold the Spot Mode and Home button to activate Roomba 960. There will be alarms and sounds so you can hear that your 960 tries to connect to Wi -Fi network.

With the iRobot Home App, you can easily plan your floor wash and vacuum cleaner. And you can do it from anywhere! You can use the app so Roomba can start cleaning when you’re away from home and when you’re out of town. You can also set it to clean the way you want it as well as to check what happens to your cleaning jobs.

Roomba 960 app scheduling

Is the Roomba 960 still cleaning? Is it charging? Of moet u de stofbak leegmaken? With the app, you can put your Roomba 960 so it cleans seven times a week.
In addition, the app provides tips on how to optimally use your Roomba 960, as well as support for your device.

Comparison of the Roomba 960 with the Roomba 980

Looking at the possibilities of the iRobot Roomba 960, you can not compare it to the iRobot Roomba 980 (Read Full Review) that came earlier this year. Look at this table that compares each of their specifications:

iRobot Roomba 960 iRobot Roomba 980
Price (as of this writing) About $699 (check here for latest) About $899.99 (check here for latest)
Diameter 13.8 inches 13.8 inches
Height 3.6 inches 3.6 inches
Weight 8.5 lbs 8.7 lbs
Battery life 1 hour 15 minutes 2 hours
Self-Charging? Yes Yes
Automatic resume after charging Yes Yes
Dirt Detect Concentrated Cleaning Yes Yes
Multi-room Navigation? Yes Yes
Soft Touch? Yes Yes
Tangle-free Debris Extractors Yes Yes
Scheduling? Yes Yes
Custom Cleaning Preferences? Yes Yes
iRobot HOME App Yes Yes
Bin Full Indicator? Yes Yes
AeroForce 3-Stage Cleaning System 5X 10X
AeroForce High-Efficiency Filter Yes Yes
Carpet Boost? No Yes
3-Stage Cleaning System Yes Yes


As you can see from  the table above you will notice that some features are more costly than the Roomba 980.However, just for $ 200 less you actually use an older engine. The Roomba 960 uses the same engine in the 800 series. For a better frame of reference, this motor was first seen in 2013. Yes, that’s at least three years old technology. But for some people, the 800 Series engine performed better than the Roomba 980 engine, so using an older engine may not necessarily be a negative point for the 960.

The Roomba 960 also has a much shorter battery life, because you get almost 60% more vacuum time at the Roomba 980. In addition, the Roomba 980 carpet’s functionality is even more efficient when cleaning carpets due to increased suction.

Roomba 960 Alternatives

Dyson 360 Eye:

When it comes to good alternatives, you have the Dyson 360 Eye. Like the Roomba 960, the Dyson 360 Eye has a lithium-ion battery, cliff sensor, app control, bin and a circular shape. However, the Dyson 360 Eye has a smaller diameter, only 9 inches. That makes it perfect for cleaning tight spaces. However, it is also more than a centimeter higher than the Roomba 960, which can prevent it from falling under some furniture. The 360 Eye is also more than 3 pounds lighter.DYSON 360 EYE RB01NB Vacuum Cleaner - International Version (Japan)

The Dyson 360 Eye uses a more powerful engine than the Roomba 960, with a nominal 78,000 rpm suction power. It also uses a full width polish beam, instead of the side brushes found on Roombas. But although the dirt and dust can be cleaned and cleaned more efficiently than the Roomba 960, the 360 Eye is also $ 300 more expensive and has a full charge for almost 45 can check out the price Dyson 360 eye here

Neato Botvac connected

Another good alternative for the Roomba 960 is the Neato Botvac connected.Its a good alternative because the price is a bit closer.If you like to consider the Neato Botvac Connected, check here for live pricing. The Botvac Connected is generally acclaimed for its navigation, better suction installation and larger trash can. It is also better to clean corners than the Roombas. You can read my full tasks for more details.

Roomba 980:

iRobot Roomba 980 Wi-Fi Connected Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Works with Amazon Alexa

This one in particular has been reviewed,you checkout the Roomba 980 review  here. Please check the latest prices on the roomba 980 here.

What would make the Roomba 960 better?

It feels like the Roomba 960 is only nominally connected and that iRobot still does it that it is really connected. This means that it still works well with other connected devices in the house. Perhaps the Nest Thermostat can work or check your car’s GPS so it can start cleaning automatically when you’re away from home.

The app is well designed and works intuitively. It gives you all the information you need about the Roomba 960, including when you read the dustbin and what the Roomba does at a certain time. But since the app already has a way to get that information on demand, it’s a wonder why push notifications are unavailable. For example, if you clean your Roomba 960, it would be great to get a warning.

Roomba 960 Review (my final statement)

The Roomba 960 is far from perfect, but it does its job well. There is no denial that cleans it much more thoroughly than before Roombas and even other robotic vacuum cleaners. The 3-stage cleaning system, the side brushes and the AeroForce high-quality filter ensure better cleaning.

Additionally, the beauty of working with an iRobot device takes advantage of the company’s mature products. The company has been in the company for so long that you can expect really intuitive and very useful products. And the Roomba 960 does not disappoint. You can just put it up and it will do its job all: vacuuming while watching TV, checking your Facebook account or getting out of work.

The addition of the remote control and the well-designed mobile app is just jerk on the cake, but it adds a whole new level of usability and a whole host of new features that help the Roomba 960 are its more expensive price tag compared to non-smash robotic Vacuum cleaners.

Where to buy Roomba 960

Considering the performance,price tag,sensors and other features you really need to go for the Roomba 960.Before you finally go for on the Roomba 960, make sure you have the best Wi-Fi connected to the robot suction. You  can buy the Roomba 960 at amazon by checking out the latest pricing here.

Roomba 980 Review–Is the Roomba 980 the Best One for Now?

Roomba 980 Review:Just during  the holidays, iRobot released their appreciated Roomba 980 vacuum cleaner. With Neato competitor releasing their slightly improved Botvac “D” series recently, it was speculated that iRobot could follow the suit. However, it has been relatively long since the Roomba 880 and 870 debuted. I honestly did not know what to expect.iRobot Roomba 980 Wi-Fi Connected Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Works with Amazon Alexa

It is clear that iRobot is not interested in coding a market share to competitors, and rightly so.

Like all previous Roomba’s, there are things to love and things I do not like. Either way, it will be difficult to give Roomba 980’s this year. In this Roomba 980 review I will tackle the key features (what’s new) and the pros and cons. In the end I  will make a general recommendation and suggest some alternatives.

TheRoomba 980 is the best robot vacuum currently on the market.

Roomba 980 Reviews


1 Key features – What’s new with the Roomba 980
2 pros and cons – things I like and things I do not
2.1 Disadvantages
3 Other Roomba 980 Alternatives to Consider
3.1 Roomba 880
3.2 Botvac D80
3.3 Roomba 650
3.4 Roomba 960
3.5 Thinking Cleaner Faceplate
3.6 New Robots on the Horizon?
3.7 Roomba 980 vs Botvac Connected
4 last call – is the Roomba 980 worth it?

Main Features of Roomba 980 – What’s New With the Roomba 980

The following are some of the new, updated and remarkable features on the 980:

More battery charging time: The Roomba 980 can now take 2 hours for charging. This is a personal best for Roomba. On some of my older 700-series vacuums I have come with third party replacement batteries, but this is the best factory standard (out of the box) so far. It’s still not lithium-ion (for those who like it), but it’s an improvement. Like the 800 Series robots, the 980 will automatically return to the base of the docking station, but now it will be recharged and resume the cleaning it left.
IRobot HOME App: For me, this is the game changer. I have been waiting for robot vacuum cleaners to integrate more integrally into the smart home experience. IRobot is the first robot vacuum company – to my knowledge – that an app like this has. You can press “Clean” somewhere and start / stop the 980 as desired. This is perfect for people on the way (like me). When I’m at work or out of the house, I can start things while I’m gone. The app is simple enough to use and actually functions as an advanced remote. On the older Roomba’s you can perform a predetermined schedule every day, but no direct control like this!
Roomba 980 app

New Navigation System: It’s really more of an upgrade.This is a big deal. In essence, it is possible for the visible localization that Roomba looks forward to navigating and planning the room. This is the type of groundbreaking improvement that significantly improves the 980 over previous versions. What does this mean practically? Less in arbitrary terms and a more organized and efficient cleaning route.
More suction: Fortunately, iRobot was not satisfied with some new features. They have also set up their game in the power department. The AeroForce cleaning system has the same basic technology, but 2 times more effective when cleaning waste per cleaning cycle. It also has a carpet boost that maximizes airflow when it detects a carpet or carpet underneath. The end result is a more thorough clean, replicating, higher grade traditional vacuum.
Enhanced virtual wall lighthouse: Roomba uses these small towers to signal where to clean (and where not to clean … act as an invisible wall barrier). The 980 has performed the lighthouse game. They are now smaller and take AA batteries (as opposed to the “D” batteries for previous series). This is a nice improvement, because who has extra D batteries around?

Pros and Cons of Roomba 980 Review

– Things I Like and Things I Do not

Roomba 980 Pros

The App is great: it’s pretty simple and simple, but that means everything to me. Using my robot from my phone means that the Roomba is now part of my smart family. IRobot has really been delivered on a smart, web-based, creamba vacuum, where tools like the Nest and Ecobee smart thermostats are off. I already think of the possibilities for future integration with my diverse smart home apps and controllers.

App Helps Monitor Maintenance: There is a very cool ‘diagnostics’ section of the app that monitors different parts of the Roomba, and uses simple bars to let you know when things need to be changed or served (think of emptying the bin, Replacing extractors, filters, etc …). It also tells you exactly how to perform the required maintenance needs.
Better on carpets: Robust vacuum cleaners tend to perform better on hardwood floors and hard floor alternatives (tile, etc …). Now the newly designed engine is particularly good to adapt to floor surfaces. Once detected, the 980 will work a little more muscle to thoroughly clean the carpets as they should be cleaned. In a side test with my Roomba 880 (and a lot of spilled crushed cheerios) both appeared to appear the same at a distance, but the 980 was actually more able to pick up more crumbs that were filtered off. The bottom of the carpet. It was a subtle difference, difficult to tell of getting up, but still an important difference.

More hands Off / User-friendly: In short, it’s more of a robot! The new app, the stronger battery and the auto charging / resume feature make the Roomba 980 even more hands free than both earlier models and the competition. Slowly but surely, home robotics is the life of his promise. If you are vacuumed or physically unable to do this, this is the outsourced solution.

Prominent Navigation:Usually new features are added and I can hardly tell the difference. Not so with the new navigation technology. In the past, Roomba’s have the beat for cleaning in a randomized, random pattern. While the end result was clean floors, it was not beautiful. Yet it was also a bit inefficient. This was one of the contradictions I liked about most Neato models. Now the 980 is much more organized, methodical and efficient. It still hugs things in order to get its bearings, especially in rooms with lots of furniture. Not so much to the extent that it did in the past. With careful observation, even though the 980 will remember these “bumps” for future cleansing, it will not do with the same wild desolation.

Smarter algorithm: For all your geeks there, this robot is actually smarter than its predecessors and competition. In general, I noticed that the 980 spent much less time than pause and calculate both my 880 and Botvac’s (including the new Connected Botvac) because it creates the card of the room.

Excellent customer service: iRobot is still the leader when it comes to customer service. This is more of a general “pro” and less specific to this model, but still remarkable. Every time I have to replace a Roomba, I have had no problems. They are also good at diagnosing problems.

Strong Secondary Parts Market: As a Roomba owner, I know that it’s only a matter of time before I need to replace, brush or filter a battery. Unlike other robot companies, Roomba has a flood of after-market companies that specialize in creating better replacement accessories and components. For example, I found replacement batteries that are better than the factory settings. This applies a little to companies like Neato (smaller market share) and this market is virtually unavailable for the other small players.

Better Suction Overall: My two quasi-scientific ways to measure this are that: A) I can feel a lot more wind / air from the device, and B) those larger particles of high-powered vacuum pellets are being captured The trashcan. This is an upgrade on the Roomba 880, which I also compared as my baseline.

Roomba 980 Cons

App may be more: This is not really a legitimate grip, because I’m happy with the new app. It’s more a wish. I want to fully integrate my Roomba with the rest of my smart home. It would be fun to handle everything from one app (and one controller like the SmartThings Hub and others). It would probably not be hard to do and it can be something that iRobot is already in the way of.

Still not ‘Perfect’: It’s a clear improvement, but it’s still not perfect. It is sometimes confused by power cords and can have problems with significant thresholds. Once it gets stuck, but once you’ve found the problem areas, it’s easy to make your house “Roomba proof”. It’s not quite like a human ….

Competition on the road? Both the Dyson Eye and the Neato Botvac Connected are rumors that they are coming in quickly. How fast? I can not really tell you. The Botvac Connected (which has similar app controls) will likely be released this year, but no fixed release date has been set. The Dyson Eye has been rumored for years to work, but lately I have not heard about an expected release date. It can still be 6-12 months away. What this means is that the Roomba 980 can compete more quickly on the horizon. At present, the 980 is the best robot on the market, but that can change. Certainly, if the price points are more affordable, Roomba could seriously be interrupted.

UPDATE: The Dyson 360 Eye has recently been released. Generally, it has a more powerful vacuum, but less competent room-to-room navigation. You can read my full review for more details.

Does not work in full darkness: as long as there is light, ie you can see your way, the 980 must work well. However, for black-black rooms you will inevitably get an error code. When cleaning at night or in a basement without lights, this can be a problem. My simple solution is to keep night lighting in any room it needs.
Carpet improvement is loud: it takes more dirt, so I’m a happy customer, but it’s still worth it. Not going to sleep in the same room.
Available only in one place: Up to now – as is often the case with new releases – the Roomba 980 is available only through the iRobot store. This is probably because they want to check prices as long as possible.  (see here for the listing at amazon)!

Price: iRobot is always the price tag. All their robots are usually light to moderately more expensive than the competition. The 980 is no different. In fact, it’s free darn expensive! At $ 900 per unit, this is probably not something that can be easy spring. You can view this offer for more detailed pricing. In this case you get what you pay. This generation has actually improved many important aspects. Hands down, this is the best robot vacuum currently available. However, if this is your first robot, you may want to search for less expensive, yet competent alternatives (see below)

Other Roomba 980 alternatives to consider

If the price is too much of a hub, do not worry. There are other big vacuum cleaners in consideration.

Roomba 880

At some point the Roomba 880 model was the best  around the world. Certainly, it’s not the last and the best, but it can still offer many of the same benefits.iRobot Roomba 880 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

You will get 3 virtual lighthouses that allow a perimeter to be placed for larger homes and spaces. The Roomba 880 was the cream of the crop until the 980 was released. You can check my Roomba 880 review here. At that time, it was the most effective robot to buy vacuum money. The patented AeroForce cleaning system is 50% more effective when cleaning debris than the 700 series. This, combined with a larger bin, a better battery and a remote control, made it the most hands-free device at the time. Now it’s the 2nd best. It has no revolutionary app, but it has all other important features for a real runner up. More importantly, it’s a full $ 200 cheaper than the 980 (check this offer for even steeper discounts). Still pricey, but much less.

Botvac D80

I was not impressed with the original Botvac release, but the new D series has made some good improvements.checkout my full Botvac D80 Review HereNeato Botvac D80 Robot Vacuum for Pets and Allergies

In particular, they have a problem with the brush (by changing a bearing), making it less susceptible to being touched (especially with human and pet hair in my experience). Not only does the Botvac D80 look better, it also functions functionally better than previous Neato models. The suction power is best yet, and probably comparable to the new Roomba 980. Still, you do not get app controls, but it’s still relatively easy to plan and use. The patented laser navigation technology means more organized routes and it usually works well. You can check this list here, where it usually sells less than the top line Roomba’s.

Roomba 650

It has been a while, but it is still reliable. It is also much more affordable. You can read my full Roomba 650 review here. If budget is your greatest concern, try the 650 to see if it’s good enough for your needs. Yes, it lacks some nice “extras”, but the core cleaning technology is there.iRobot Roomba 650 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Black

The 650 is ideal for people with small houses, apartments or just a small area that they want to clean regularly. It does not come with the standard HEPA filter (good for people with allergies and animal owners) like the 880 and 980, but the AeroVac filter does a good job. Overall, this is a great robot for people who just started, curious to see if the technology works for their needs. I still have mine to this day after 3 years (and a few replacement batteries). Best of all, you’ll find the 650 for a very affordable price at this offer.

Roomba 960

The Roomba 960 was released a few months after the 980, but at a lower price point. In essence, the 960 is identical to the Roomba 880, but it has WiFi capabilities (like the 980).iRobot Roomba 960 Wi-Fi Connected Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Works with Amazon Alexa

This is a great option if the WiFi feature is the most important thing you want. Basically, it has the 880 specifications + WiFi / App control, at the middle price between 880 and 980. Read more about Roomba 960 review my thoughts or review this offer for the latest prices.

Thinking Cleaner Faceplate

I was initially a little skeptical about this “work-around”, but it actually works pretty well. Thinking Cleaner was the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign. It adds functional WiFi capability to any Roomba 500 or 600 Series robot. Skeptic? I was also. Basically, you attach a faceplate that changes your Roomba. It’s easy enough to confirm.thinking cleaner wifi

Best of all, it can sync with other smart home apps (like SmartThings, etc …), something that I criticized the Roomba 980 because I did not. You can do the same features as the Roomba 980 WiFi, just in a less “polished” and intuitive way. The app is pretty solid and lets you switch remotely, alert you when you need Roomba help and even play a song to find your lost Roomba. It is available for just a fraction of the cost of a new Roomba here.

Who is Roomba 980 good for?

1) Existing owners of a 500 or 600 series Roomba.

2) Prospective buyers who want WiFi features but can not pay / do not want to spend $ 899 on the 980. For example, buying a new Roomba 650 and Thinking Cleaner Faceplate will bring you no more than $ 500 in total.

 Roomba 980 vs Botvac Connected

I will compile a full comparison shortly, but I wanted to get up to it soon because I had a lot of questions about it.Neato Botvac Connected Wi-Fi Enabled Robot Vacuum

Both the Roomba 980 and the Botvac Connected feature have WiFi-enabled control. This is clearly the main function for both. I prefer the Roomba app personally better, but both are similar in terms of features / usage.

What are the main differences?

i) The Botvac Connected is highly affordable (usually about $ 200 less), but see this offer for current information and prices.

ii) The Botvac now has the “Eco” and “Turbo” mode.

iii) The Roomba 980does not have “carpet boost” and the Botvac.

iv) The Roomba 980 has virtual wall for its usage, while the Botvac depends totally on capturing the magnetic tape around your home.

UPDATE: You can read my full comparison (recently completed) here

iRobot Roomba 880 Review –My Best Pick So Far?

Roomba 880 review:The iRobot Roomba 880 is the most recent addition to the Roomba family. It is the next generation of Roomba’s, with the latest mapping technology and robotic vacuum mechanics.

iRobot Roomba 880 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

So what’s the big deal? It can be confusing to decipher the subtle nuances between each generation, let alone the distinctions between the model numbers. While some became expert users of these devices, most consumers struggle to make an informed decision. This extensive Roomba 880 review is meant to put everything on the table. We look at all the important features, what’s new, and the various advantages / disadvantages of the Roomba that still makes iRobot struggle.

At the end of this review, you will know everything you need to make a clear decision. You can even find that the 880 is not required for your needs and you can save money by going with an older generation.

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1 New Features of the Roomba 880 vs 700 Series
2 What are the pros and cons of the Roomba 880?
2.1 Advantages
2.2 Disadvantages
3 Video Review of the 880
4 Roomba 880 alternatives – how do you compare it to the competition?
5 Where do you buy the Roomba 880?

Key features of the Roomba 880 vs 700 Series

AeroForce Performance Cleaning: This is the flagship enhancement of the 880 model and something that iRobot promotes as the most important point of sale. AeroForce has double extractors to double on suction and effectiveness. The vacuum is now a brushless system. One of the most important revolutions of this system is by streamlining airflow. IRobot has 880 improved airflow efficiency over 5x of previous models. Bottom line: This feature makes the Roomba 880 a more powerful vacuum. It is marketed as 50% more effective to replenish dirt, dust and debris.
Tangle-Free Debris Extractors: This is a new feature for the 800 Series. This essentially leads to a more efficient process and less tangles. This is a very real problem for robotic owners. Previous generations would sometimes be confused and result in lower performance and / or error codes.
Larger dust bin: Because the new system is more effective in getting debris, the garbage bin is more than 60% expanded. In our tests, this did not necessarily mean that the vacuum could take longer without being emptied. It meant only that the vacuum was more effective in filling the bin in about the same period.
Comes with remote control: The Roomba 880 may not have WiFi capabilities, but comes with a handy remote. This means less chasing and bending to control your little robot friend. Certainly a big plus for people with mobility concerns (or for those beans among us).
Calmer: The  Roomba 880 is advertised as quiter than its predecessors. It was difficult for us to tell, but it seems to be a bit less noisy than the 700 series. It’s not a dramatic improvement, but it’s still something.

What are the pros and cons of the Roomba 880?

Pros Of  Roomba 880

Scheduling: The automatic scheduling features are still the best in class for the 880. Although nothing has changed significantly from previous versions, this is still an important point of sale. Automatic vacuum cleaning at regular intervals is an appearance.
Persistent Pass Cleaning: One of the mainstays since the 6o0 series, this is still one of the best “benefits” of a Roomba. The coverage technology developed by iRobot is still leading and automatically brings Roomba into the top of robot cleaners. Although this is not a “new” feature, this is still one of the main reasons for buying the 880.
New Features: The AeroForce technology cleaning system is a significant improvement over previous versions of the Roomba. One of Roomba’s biggest criticisms has always been that, while having superior mapping technology, other vacuums, such as the Neato Series, have a better suction power. The 880 certainly comes close to the evening, but it’s not quite fair because we have not seen the latest following improvements from competitors.
Great for pet owners: one of the side benefits of a more powerful suction system – combined with the HEPA filter – is that pet dander and pet hair are collected much more effectively. For pet owners with allergies, sensitivity, or just a messy pet, the 880’s best Roomba is still cleaning the house.
Virtual wall engineering works well: In terms of border management, iRobot really broke the code. The virtual wall light devices mark the boundaries of “no go” areas through invisible lasers. In my experience, this is much more automated and efficient than the “boundary marking tape” used by competitors (or the complete lack of boundary limitations for some).
Reliable: With each repetition, iRobot improves the reliability of their Roomba’s. The 800 series – including the 880 – offers a significant improvement over the past few years. Many of the common mistakes that affected the early versions have been solved. You will still experience occasional problems, but the Roomba is starting to become a proven device (as opposed to a novelty article). Will it ever be perfect? Maybe not, but it’s coming closer.

Cons of Roomba 880

Noise: This is a constant complaint for Roomba’s, regardless of the generation. The Roomba 880 is still louder than most of the robot-like vacuum competition. This is a small price to pay, but it really depends on how much concern this is for your living environment. It is still quieter than most traditional vacuum cleaners and they have made improvements with 880 model.
Edge Cleaning: Despite the best efforts, Roomba can still fight the optimal shape of the Botvac robots (Neato) when it comes to cleaning along the skirting boards. The small edge brushes are helpful, but circular devices do not play well with corners.
Random Cleaning Pattern: This is not a “problem” in terms of technology, but some people do not like the Roomba’s random cleaning patterns. Each inch is covered, but not in a linear or organized manner. This is an important distinction between Roomba and the competition.
Price: $ 700 is still a lot of dough to slide out for a vacuum. While robotic vacuum cleaners now ripen as consumer products, the price tag for the 880 can not necessarily justify the improvements. This Roomba 880 review does not convince you to buy this model. Some older models still perform well, but sell for a steep discount. In many ways, it’s like buying the latest iPhone. Depending on whether the new features of your lifestyle have been modified, it may be worthwhile to explore other options and save the money.

UPDATE 15/09/15: The price has recently fallen by about $ 100 at the end of summer (on time for Holiday shopping). It is now significantly less here.

Roomba 880 video review

Roomba 880 alternatives – how do you compare it to the competition?

Most of the competition for the roomba 880 comes from the other Roomba models. In terms of functionality, the Roomba 780 and 790 are worth looking at. One thing has none of them; However, the greatly improved suction power and effectiveness of the 880. With a broader look at other companies, both LG and Neato Roomba give a return for the money. Since the Roomba 880 is the newest model on the market, LG HomBot 3.0 and Neato Signature Pro still have a lot to do.

The case may be that the Signature Pro is a more powerful vacuum, but the mapping system is not as advanced as the Roomba series. Similarly, the HomBot is much quieter than the 880, but is not so reliable from a general maintenance visit. In general, the Roomba 880 is a solid step forward for iRobot. Although they are not revolutionary, they have made improvements to justify the sticker price. Ultimately, whether the new features are worth the price depends on the usage needs of each individual user.

Neato BotVac Series:

Neato is hard at work with iRobot. They released their Botvac series. At that point, my experience was that it was just a Signature Pro re-branding, which did not change fundamentally. However, they

Neato Botvac D80 Robot Vacuum for Pets and Allergiesjust released the Botvac “D” series. Key improvements? 1) The Botvac D80 has a better suction than the original Botvac range. 2) They threw the main brush with the unlocked bearing. Instead, they have installed a brush brass for the brush. This is a bit technical, but in principle this is an improvement. The original non-sealed support caused the hair to cause problems often. The BotVac D80 has closed the gap a bit. It is a much tighter race than before. You can find it here for an affordable price.

The Roomba 880 is no longer the newest generation. The new Roomba 980 was released in Q4 2015 and is now the iRobot flagship Roomba. Remarkable improvements include improved suction power, carpet boost mode, and revolutionary, application-controlled WiFi functionality (probably the biggest game changer in general). This allows you to check, monitor, analyze, check this article.iRobot Roomba 980 Wi-Fi Connected Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Works with Amazon Alexa

iRobot recently released a “center” device between Roomba 980 (top) and 880. The Roomba 960 (full review here) is essentially the Roomba 880 + WiFi capability. It has no more advanced suction power of the 980, but by deploying WiFi, iRobot has delivered a core function (almost everyone wants) without breaking the bank. The Roomba 960 is available here at a better pricethan the 980 (but more than 880).

iRobot Roomba 960 Wi-Fi Connected Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Works with Amazon Alexa

In General: Neato robots clean in a straight, organized manner. This is in contrast to the Roomba, which seems to be a bit random. Many people see this as a point against Roomba; However, in my experience, this does not lead to a difference in cleaning quality. So, if your OCD is “how” is the sausage made, maybe the Botvac / Neato is for you.

Where can you buy the Roomba 880?

The Roomba 880 is not an easy product to find now. As a kind of experiment, iRobot only made the 880 available through their own market. At this moment, you can not find the 880 on Amazon alone. The only way to buy it is by going directly to the site (on the link below).

Update: The Roomba 880 is now available on Amazon, sometimes with a discount!

Roomba 860 Review–What’s the Different?

Roomba 860 Review:There is a new Roomba on the market. It can lead to confusion. It’s not exactly ‘new’ in terms of technology, but it offers a number of reasons to pass. This is mainly due to the lower price point than other 800 series robots.

While the Roomba 980 (my review here) shook the game with new technology and – usually – WiFi app control, the Roomba 860 is focused on placing last year in the middle price range of robotic owners.

In this review I will cover the most important features (most of which are the same as other 800 series bots) and mark the pros and cons. Feel free to beat down if this is what you are looking for. Finally, I will propose a number of alternatives in a comparable price range to consider.

iRobot Roomba 860 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


1 Key Features of the Roomba 860
2 for – (good) things that really come true
3 cons – (bad) things I wanted to improve
4 What is the difference between 860 vs 870 vs 880?
5 Roomba 860 alternatives to consider
6 Final Tasks – Is the 860 a good value?

Key Features of the Roomba 860

Here are some of the most important “outlets” I identified for the Roomba 860:

Less maintenance: In general, the 800 series requires significantly less regular maintenance compared with previous series (such as 600 and 700). Slowly but surely Roomba becomes a true “hands free” robot. There are still filters, brushes, empty trash cans, etc. Changed … when they go out, but generally you do not need to touch the device so much. This is partly due to the following function …
Tangle Free Extractors: Early Roomba’s had a hard time with some litter like pet (or human) hair and various stringy pieces of material. The “wrap-free” extractors were introduced with the 800 Series (860, 870, 880) as an improvement. In practice, it makes a difference to my 800 Series Roomba’s. It is still not a perfect system, that is, you still get tangles with heavy pet hair. Yet it’s a big step over the previous versions.
New AeroForce Cleaning: One of the most important upgrades for the 800 Series is the new patented cleaning technology. It is advertised to be up to 50% more effective in retrieving debris than the previous series. It’s difficult to quantify this in practice, but from the personal experience, the 800 series is definitely better to get rid of debris.
5 times the suction: iRobot advertises a more powerful vacuum “under the hood”. For the most part, this is true.
Extended battery life: The new batteries that come standard in the 800 series are a tier above the older range. The “XLife” lithium packs take a lot longer, so you do not have to replace the battery so much (iRobot cites “twice as much” as compared to the 600 and 700 series).
Extensive Scheduling: Like all Roomba’s, the 860 can be run on a fixed schedule. You can do it on a weekly or daily basis, as needed, at certain times (for example: when you are at work).
Different colors: Roomba comes up with a different color suit each time. The gray is different from the usual monotonous black, so if you have OCD and need your gray robot to fit your gray soul, this is a plus!
Roomba 860 review

Roomba 860 Pros – (Good) things that really come true

Better clean: Generally, the cumulative improvements made the Roomba 860 (and 800 series as a whole) much better. You can clean less often, because the Roomba does a better job for the first time.
Better purification: This corresponds to the previously mentioned “pro”, but the suction power is noticeably more powerful than the previous series. When robot cleaners were out for the first time, they were clearly not equal to the suction of traditional standing vacuum. Today, with bots like the 860, the difference is certainly less strong. It is not entirely unreasonable to expect that robots will fully absorb traditional vacuum cleaners over the next 3 years.
Return to Base: I like these robots to be smart enough to return to the base if they recognize their battery is low. It will go back and dock on its own. There was a lot of time when I had to find my “Roomba 560” or 650, and manually load it on the load.
Attractive pricing: This is undoubtedly the main reason why iRobot decided to release the 860 when it did (March 2016). With the $ 899 Roomba 980 leading the market and the $ 699 880 is still no more expensive than competitors, the 860 deposits at a $ 499 MSRP (available only here). This is a good idea in the series of the Botvac “D” series. Traditionally, Roomba has always led the competition.

UPDATE: The Roomba 860 is now  available with this offer on Amazon.

Roomba 860 Cons – (bad) things I wanted to improve

Wifi App: It’s still very annoying that iRobot has not made Wi-Fi check available for older series. The Roomba 980 is amazing (see my recent review), partly because it has … but it’s almost double the price! To be honest, a third party company has developed a Thinking Cleaner Faceplate for the 500 and 600 Series (see my version here) and is being developed for a similar device for the 800 Series. In essence, it’s smartify’s of your old Roomba and you can control it through a mobile app.
Limited “Bells and Whistles”: As you can see in my “Differences” table below, the Roomba 860 comes with the smallest “extras”. The core robot is almost identical, but you may find some additional accessories that offer the 870 or 880.
No remote control: one of these extras is the standard remote control at the Roomba 880. It is not a deal breaker for most people, but it may be nice to stop / start your Roomba without having to leave the coach. It looks like a TV remote and does not come with the 860 or 870 model.
No return to base / recharge and resume: This was one of the features I really loved the new Roomba 980. You do not have to manually resume the cleaning cycle. While the 800 Series is smart enough to go home and dock when it’s low on juice, it’s not smart enough to resume where it’s left alone. This means it’s a bit more hands on than the last 900 series.
Still around Randomly: iRobot improved this with the 980, but the 860 still feels like it is running around as it cleans. There is a method of fooling because the technology ensures that every centimeter is thoroughly cleaned, but it can be a bit nervous to look.
Battery Run-Time is about the same: Despite the new batteries, I have not seen a clear difference in terms of the actual runtime for a clean. That is a little disappointing. You would think that battery technology is one of the simpler things you can improve.
Corners Are Still 50/50: One of the most important knocks on Roomba is that their round design makes it harder to make their corners effective. This is one of the main distinctions between the brand Neato Botvac vs Roomba. While I have noticed the 800 series, it’s better to hug the skirts, but still a little less love. It’s a little annoying because this is generally the “hard to get” places to do by hand. Still, if the Roomba is the 95% solution, then this is the 5% I still go.

What is the difference between Roomba 860 vs 870 vs 880?

This is a fairly general question I get. The short answer is: nothing in terms of the device itself. The main differences are the “packages” they enter, ie the accessories.

Depending on your needs, this can compare with a better value instead of purchasing the various accessories separately.

Roomba 860 Roomba 870 Roomba 880
Home Charging Base 1 1 1
Extra HEPA Filter 1 1 1
Virtual Wall 1 2 2
Remote Control 0 0 1

Roomba 860 Alternatives to consider

If you’re just like me, you’re probably interested in what the other options are in a similar price range. This way I usually make my purchase decisions as soon as I define my personal budget.

Roomba 880:

iRobot Roomba 880 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

You can read my full review, but here are the highlights … This is the top of the line for the 800 series. From this writing it is the “second best” package to buy in function of features immediately after the Roomba 980. As you can see from the table above, the external and additional virtual walls are pretty easy-to-use features. The disadvantage? It’s about $ 175 more expensive overall, but see here for the latest discounts.

Botvac D80:

Neato Botvac D80 Robot Vacuum for Pets and Allergies

I’ve completely reviewed it here, but here are the highlights. The Neato Botvac D80 is after the same target as the 860. The price point is almost identical (check here). The D80 is very similar in terms of performance, with a few exceptions. It is much better to clean the corners because of its unique design. It also has an intuitive touchscreen display that is a bit more user-friendly to communicate (error resolution, etc …). It is also extensively organized and does not contain any Roomba zigzags.

Roomba 770:

iRobot Roomba 770 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

You can read my full reviews here. It starts to feel a bit dated, but the 770 is one of iRobot’s best-selling models of all time. The main differences are that it’s not good to clean debris (no AeroForce 3 Stage Cleaning) and it does not have the nice new wrap-free extractors. In short, it requires a little more maintenance.It completely cheaper than others. Go check this listing for the latest discounts.

Final Roomba 860 Review – Is the Roomba 860 a good value?

I certainly noted some “disadvantages” in this review, but do not be afraid of them. I’m a geek, so I’m pretty critical. Overall, the Roomba is still a great time saver I would not want to live without. The 860 is significant for the older siblings (namely the 600 and 700 series), but you do not have to pay more of a premium.

If you are looking for the best overall value (bang for your money), the 860 is probably the same in the sweet spot. It is available via iRobot on this offer, but it has also been released on Amazon Be sure to check them out here.

Roomba 770 Review: Advantages and Cons

The iRobot Roomba 770 is another tool in your robotic vacuum cleaner arsenal. After reviewing other models like the 780 Series and the Neato, I was interested in how the 770 was measured. Below is a summary of the features before we review the pros and cons and the full Roomba 770 review …

Roomba 770 Holiday Deal Update: The 770 has recently fallen at 32% off this offer! It’s a record low price and already one of the best selling robots this holiday season (because of the best value for money). UPDATE: This deal has just ended! But we’ll let you know when it’s back (if it’s coming back).

The 770 does everything for you. Sweeping and vacuuming are done with just a push of the button. The Roomba collects all dirt and litter from carpet, hardwood, tile and all types of floors. It will do the deep cleaning and the hard work for you.

Roomba has a 3-stage cleaning system. The 3-stage cleaning system delivers deep dirt from carpets, tiles, linoleum and hardwood floors. The iRobot Roomba has a rotating side brush that offers cleaning along wall edges. It will get all those dust bins that gather on the edges of your floor and walls.

The counter-rotation brushes perform as a broom and fabric panel at the same time. The vacuum sucks all of this dirt and dust into the box for removal.

The iRobot Roomba comes with a self-regulating cleaning head suspension. For example, Roomba can move from carpet to hardwood floors without adjustment by you. It will adapt itself.

This is the perfect vacuum for homes with pets or allergy sufferers. This vacuum comes with AeroVAc Series 2 Technology. This technology is designed to remove pet hair, pet dander, hair, dirt and dust from your carpets and floors. The Roomba also offers a double HEPA filter that detects dust particles.

Many vacuum cleaners get dust and dirt, but then the dust is returned to the room, but the Roomba will catch the dust and not let the dust escape and circulate again in your house. This will make your house cleaner and breathe healthier air.

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1 The Roomba 770 in action – Video review
2 Key Features of the 770
3 The benefits of the iRobot Roomba 770
4 The disadvantages
5 Customer Reviews: What other users have said
6 Conclusion – How does the Roomba 770 Overall Measure?
7 alternatives to consider (updated April 2016)
8 Where to get the 770 for the best price

The Roomba 770 in action – Video review

Key features of the Roomba 770

Vacuum Cleaner: The Roomba vacuum cleaner draws her from the brushes and puts them in the vacuum cleaner. With most vaccine cleaners, the hair wraps around the brushes, eventually you need to brush the brushes to clean them.
Supply Planning: With the onboard planning you can set your Roomba for cleaning. You can clean the Roomba if you went to work. Set up the Roomba for up to seven times a week.
Three cleaning modes: You can set your Roomba on three different types of cleaning modes. Clean, flat and planned cleaning modes allow you to clean or spot clean quickly. Set up your device with the scheduled mode. Self-
Adjust Sensors: The self-adjustable sensors go under beds, furniture, and even the edges of your curtains. The self-sensing sensors detect dirt and get all rooms of the rooms.
Double HEPA Filters: The Roomba provides dual HEPA filters to capture dust, dander and dirt without escaping and recycling into the room.
Warranty: It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. If for some reason you are not satisfied with your Roomba in 30 days, you can get a full refund. It also comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Advantages of the iRobot Roomba 770

  • The control panel is easy to use. You just check the Roomba with your fingertips.
  • The self loading is great. If the Roomba battery is low, the vacuum returns to the dock and reloads itself.
  • The full bin indicator lets you know when it’s time to clear the bin.
  • The Roomba cleaning strips provide extensive cleaning in dirty areas. The back and forth movement gets all the dirt picked up.
  • The Roomba gets the edges of the wall, curtains and furniture. It does more cleaning than normal (this applies to all robot cleaners).
  • The double HEPA filter gets everything dust and dander off the floor.
  • It allows to clean multiple rooms or clean a room.
  • A longer battery.
  • The planning can be planned up to seven times a week.
  • A full 30-day warranty

The Cons of Roomba 770

  • The Roomba is louder than I expected in this little vacuum.
  • It does not always come in good lines. The cracks of wooden floors are an area where little sand is present, so it’s not good at this point.
  • It sometimes forgot where the dock is.
  • The CD provided for a manual is a hassle if you have questions or problems with the Roomba.
  • The tray can be larger. It takes up a lot of dirt and the bowl fills up quickly.

Customer Reviews: What other users have said

CHECKOUT the Customer reviews Here. While I did my best to give a thorough assessment, I felt it was important to mention what other people have said too …

“As a multi-pet owner, the iRobot Roomba 770 is an excellent vacuum. The Roomba gets the pet hair. The carpets are clean when I return home from home. The house does not smell like animals and there’s no hair on it Floor. ‘

“The best purchase I ever made was at Roomba. I program the Roomba to walk while my family is asleep. We wake up to clean the rooms. The Roomba goes under the furniture and against the wall. Would recommend the iRobot Roomba to everyone. ”

“I was so excited when my iRobot came. I’ve loaded the iRobot and tried it. I was amazed at how much dirt and her was in the bin with just a cleaning of the iRobot. It is cleaned under my coffee table and chairs. It did a great job. I wish I had previously bought the iRobot. ‘

“I had to operate and could not clean, my daughter bought the iRobot Roomba 770 for me. My daughter is cleaning daily with the iRobot Roomba. When it was set to clean the iRobot Roomba, it vacuumed. Went from the kitchen to the dining room without a problem, the floors look great. I had planned my surgery earlier, so my daughter could have bought the iRobot Roomba before. I love it! ”

“I was looking for a vacuum that could handle the cat’s hair from my cats. The iRobot Roomba is the vacuum. The vacuum so much hair raised that I was surprised that there was so much hair in my carpet. Laid on my hair and I still feel easier to breathe without the pet hair in my carpet. If you’re a cat, buy this vacuum, it’s a wonder with cats. ”

Conclusion – How does the Roomba 770 measure in general?

iRobot Roomba 770 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

This Roomba is one of the best robotic vacuum cleaners on the market, in terms of bone value and functionality. The Roomba 770 offers a three-stage cleaning system that does not offer the other robot vacuum cleaners. It will also resume after you have been on the home base charger. The Infinuvo does not do this. The Infinuvo also offers no programming for their robot vacuum. This is a similar case for many of the competitors.

The Mint (now Braava) is not a robot-like vacuum, but more like a wet and dry floor cleaner. The Mint can not always absorb larger particles as they push them over the floor and can leave crumbs.

The Neato Signature Pro is similar in some ways to the Roomba 700 series. Feel free to review my full review here. The D-shaped design makes it better for curves, but I still prefer the Roomba for overall cleaning effectiveness and planning quality.

In short, while the Roomba 770 is not the newest Roomba, it is still an excellent center for the major option.

The price of the 770 is a bit higher compared to Neato Robotic Vacuum, but the 770 offers many more benefits (make sure you check this offer for the latest deals). You get the suction power you need to actually pick up the pet dander and her. This model actually finds the dock and the Neato has difficulty getting to the dock.

Alternatives to Consider (Updated March 2017)

With every new generation of robot vacuum cleaners, my thoughts evolve on the best ‘value’ robot. I still think the Roomba 770 is a strong value proposition, but for future owners looking for something more, there are a few options to consider:

Roomba 860:

One of the points that attracts many people to the 770 is the relatively reasonable price. The new Roomba 980 (review here) retails for almost $ 900. However, IRobot has recently released the Roomba 860 to buyers of the target group. You can view the full order here, or see below for my highlights.

iRobot Roomba 860 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Tangle-Free Extractors – It offers new Tangle-Free Extractors that make the Roomba less susceptible to clogging. This is especially useful for pet owners who often struggle with pet hair that get destroyed and work out.
3-stage Cleaning System – This is a significant upgrade that offers up to 50% improved overall cleaning options.
These two improvements may not seem so much, but they put the 860 in a tier firmly above the 770.

In short, the 860 offers some subtle – but important tech upgrades – while the bank still does not break (like the 980 maybe). It is only $ 75 more expensive than the Roomba 770 at this offer.

Where can you get the Roomba 770 for the best price

You’ll find the 770 Series on the iRobot website, but prices are about $ 50 more than the best prices we’ve seen on

You can pick up the Roomba 770 on Amazon for the best prices. See the information box below for the latest pricing.

iRobot Roomba 630 Review–The best Affordable Robotic Vacuum

iRobot Roomba 630 Review:As robotic vacuum cleaners continue to improve technology, the iRobot Roomba 630 remains a vacuum that remains popular, despite the fact that new models have been released by iRobot.iRobot Roomba 630 Review

IRobot is one of the most respected names in the robot vacuum industry and is considered to be the innovators of robot vacuum systems, but where is the Roomba 630. With newer models, is it worth your money to keep this model? In this post we will dig a little deeper and see what the 630 has to offer.

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Pros of the iRobot Roomba 630

Cleans around and under furniture: One of the best features of this robot vacuum is the same as most can be said. It can be used to clean the hard to reach areas, including under beds, dresser, closet, benches, workbenches and basically any conceivable area. You never have to move furniture, just to clean it, which is a very important factor for older owners.
Good for pet animals: For the pet owners who are tired of sweeping their floors three times a day to keep it clean, the iRobot Roomba 630 is one of the best tools to keep your house clean. It works right next to your baseboard, eliminating the pet hair and dirt that usually cleans with an upright vacuum.
Redundancy Coverage: A feature of the iRobot series that makes their vacuum cleaners – the Roomba 630 included – the best thing is that they use a zigzag motion to clean every cent of your house. When you use an upright vacuum, most people work in a straight line back and forth. If a robot vacuum uses this movement to clean it will miss a significant mess. By using the zig-zag movement, it goes several times over the same area, so it picks up everything.
Battery life: The battery life of this vacuum is about two hours per full charge, which is about the industry. It’s still enough time to clean most homes and when the device charges the battery, it automatically starts charging, making your work easier.

Disadvantages to consider

Auto-On Virtual Wall, 2 Pack -- Roomba 500/600/700 Series

Only 1 virtual wall: the first negative to the iRobot Roomba 630 is that there is only one virtual wall to prevent it from falling into areas that may not be. With many houses it may be possible to find a way that this is a negative aspect of the device, including closing doors to certain areas where you do not want the device.
Still need some proof of ownership: Another reason is when you use the vacuum for the first time; You must “Roomba-Proof” it. This means that at the first moment it can be captured on certain items, including backpacks and curtains. While earlier models tried to suck electrical wires and other cables, the Roomba 630 was programmed to bypass these wires. Either way, when you take care of the precautionary measures you need to worry about, the vacuum runs smoothly.
Dust tray can fill in and reduce effectiveness: The drawer of this vacuum is something else where people can find problems. The battery on the unit must have a battery life of two hours, so those with larger homes will run this unit completely before cleaning their house. With a smaller tray, the need to check the cycle for six months is important because it can be filled and does not start as well as desired or advertised.
Certain carpets can cause problems: If you have a runner or other carpet with shag material, you might notice something interesting when the iRobot Roomba 630 works. When you get vacuum on these surfaces, it will clean it as an obstacle instead of the carpet. As with an obstacle, this means that the vacuum goes to the next dirty area.
No automatic scheduling like newer Roomba’s: With many robot vacuums, one of the biggest benefits is the ability to plan to clean while sleeping, working or in another room. Many could automatically take the Roomba 630 feature schedules to do this, but it does not. While the instruction manual tells you how to program the vacuum to work, the device itself does not contain the buttons required for this function. For example, paying a little extra for the Roomba 650 means that you get the planning features (see the full review here).

Key Features Outside the Box

  • AeroVac Filter
  • Acoustic dirt sensors
  • Self-loading base
  • Virtual wall
  • IAdapt Responsive Cleaning Technology

Final Review:Does the iRobot Roomba 630 still contain enough?

Between all the pros and cons of the iRobot Roomba 630, this is still one of the best robotic vacuum cleaners – in terms of value for money – that you can clean your home. Additionally, because the 630 has been completed for a few years, it is much more affordable than other models without much functionality.

Who is it Ideal for?

Short answer: Small apartments or 1-2 rooms of a house.

For smaller homes and apartments, the entire house must be cleaned in one load and while the drawer is smaller than other vacuum cleaners and needs to be cleaned more often, it is a minor error in the system.

You can always buy additional virtual walls for larger homes, if necessary.

Even without the ability to work the vacuum when you are not, you can still work it when you exit the door and when you get home it will be plugged in and charged and your floors will be clean. If you are ready to buy or investigate more, look at the Amazon page through our direct link below.